The Speaker of Lagos House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa, and members of the Assembly paid a condolence visit to the immediate family of late Bayo Osinowo at their Molipa, Ijebu-Ode residence, today, Sunday, June 21, 2020.

Late Bayo Osinowo, who died on Monday, June 15, 2020, after a brief illness, was a member of Lagos House of Assembly for 16 consecutive years before moving to the senate.

Speaking with the family, Obasa extolled the sterling qualities and contributions of late Osinowo to the growth of the Lagos House of Assembly in his 16 years as a member.

He prayed to Almighty Allah to forgive him all his sins and grant him aljannah firdaus.

The Speaker said the family should take solace in the fact that the late senator was loved by many because his benevolence and sacrifice.

He also informed the family that the House of Assembly will be holding a special parliamentary session in honour of Senator Osinowo on Tuesday, June 23, 2020.

He urged the family to choose a representative that would speak on behalf of the family at the session.

Dr. Tunde Osinowo, the first son of the deceased, who spoke on behalf of the family, thanked Obasa and the members for the visit to the family.

Dr. Osinowo said their father had prepared them for his demise through his talks and deeds while he was alive but that it was hard for them to cope with the reality of his sudden death.

The Speaker and the members thereafter prayed for the deceased, who until his death, was the Senator representing Lagos East.



The death of Senator Sikiru Adebayo Osinowo, the representative of Lagos East at the Senate, has come as a rude shock that many of us in the Lagos House of Assembly are yet to recover from.

We were about to begin the plenary session of the day when the news of his demise filtered in and threw the whole Assembly into disarray and mourning.

Not many could believe that the ebullient and ever smiling Pepperito, like a candle in the wind, had been blown out.

Even with the evidence that death has done its worst, it is still difficult to come to terms that a political pillar and peace maker is gone.

For the 16 years ( 2003- 2019) he was in the Lagos State House of Assembly representing the good people of Kosofe Constituency 1, many loved him for the stabilising role he played at every point in the period.

Throughout his stay in the House, many ran to him for solutions to their socio-political problems because of the sagacity and wisdom he applied to issues.

The Muslim community of the Lagos House of Assembly will forever be grateful to him for his fatherly role and financial commitment to their course particularly in the building of the ultra-modern mosque within the Assembly complex.

As a senator and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Industries, Osinowo gave us reasons to be very proud of him as he carried on as a true ambassador.

The entire Lagos Assembly, its members and staff will remain burdened by his demise, but consistently pray that God should strengthen all those he left behind.

We also pray that the Almighty Allah will grant him Aljanah Firdaus.

Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa
Speaker, Lagos State House of Assembly and Chairman, Conference of Speakers of State Legislatures.


The Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, has said Nigerians need a united front more than ever before at this crucial period of our evolution as a Nation .

According to Obasa, Nigeria can hardly achieve anything positive without the unity of purpose of its citizens.

Obasa, Chairman of the Conference of Speakers of State Legislatures in Nigeria, said this in commemoration of this year’s celebration of the June 12, 1993 election, popularly acclaimed to have been won by the late Bashorun Moshood Abiola.

The Speaker noted that June 12, 1993 would remain in the hearts of Nigerians as the day the country’s citizens took their destinies in their hands with hope of a better future even though their collective decision was truncated by the military.

“There is no arguing the fact that the collective hope we all have today has its foundation on the June 12, 1993 election and the struggles that followed its annulment.

“As we commemorate that day again, we must remember the Nigerians who became victims just for democracy to be born in 1999. Many students lost their lives, senior Nigerians and leaders died. Many were maimed. Others have continued to bear the heartbreaks that came with the debacle . They remain our heroes.

“For the sake of these many, including Late MKO Abiola, the winner of the presidential election, his wife, Late Kudirat Olayinka Abiola, and several human rights activists, who went just to see us survive till this time, we all need to constantly remain conscious of our actions, love ourselves and our country and do only those things that would sustain our historical and democratic existence.

“June 12 was a manifestation of unity, an election during which Nigerians jettisoned the primordial sentiments of ethnocentrism and religious bigotry,” the Speaker said.

Obasa also commended notable leaders in the country including the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, for their sacrifices, steadfastness and passion for the sustained growth and development of the country as well as for jealously protecting the democracy being enjoyed in the country today.

He thanked President Muhammadu Buhari for finally recognizing June 12 as the real democracy day as a reminder that Abiola sacrificed his life for the country.


Lagos State House of Assembly

The Management of Lagos State Waste Management Authority, LAWMA on Tuesday, paid a visit to Lagos State House of Assembly’s Committee on Environment to intimate them on the synopsis of the agency and canvass for their legislative support.

Hon. Desmond Elliot, the House Committee Chairman, commended LAWMA for their thoughtful and timely visit as it sets the right track for the Committee.

Hon. Elliot alerted the waste management agency of the need to step up their games especially during this rainy season, stating that the mutual familiarisation will aide laudable amendments where necessary for the growth and development of the agency and for the benefit of the State at large.

He commended the efforts of the Agency’s contractors and sweepers in keeping Lagos State clean.

A member of the Committee, Hon. Ajani Owolabi in his view, noted that the welfare of LAWMA employees’ should remain paramount as they work diligently in ensuring that the streets of Lagos stay clean and aligned to the goals of a smart city.

In his response on the issue of the sweepers’ welfare and salaries, the Ag. Managing Director, Mr. Odumboni who led the LAWMA team stressed that the agency is working on ensuring that delayed salaries becomes matters of the past, while salary payment for the month of April has been approved. He said the payment of backlog salaries owed have been submitted to the Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu for approval.

“There has been an 100 percent increase in the amount paid to contractors of companies handling sweepers as the contractors are paid by the government to pay their staff salaries. We also have teams monitoring the sweepers on the field to certify that they are working in earnest in keeping Lagos State clean.” He revealed.

He added that the support of the House and especially the Committee on Environment would be deeply appreciated by the Agency.

Accordingly, Hon. Desmond Elliot announced that the Committee will be engaging on a site inspection of all dump sites in the State to monitor their activities.

Mr. Odumboni reaffirmed that the courtesy visit is to familiarise themselves with the House Committee and to disclose challenges faced by the agency as well as ensure an affable relationship moving forward.

Other Members at this meeting are: Hon.(Engr.) David Setonji, Hon. Ajani Owolabi, Hon. Folajimi Mohammed, Hon. Olawale Olayiwola, Hon. Richard Adedamola Kasumu and Hon. Ibrahim Layode.


Members of the Lagos State House of Assembly have dismissed the allegations leveled against the House and the Speaker, Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Mudashiru Obasa, deeming it as frivolous and baseless in its entirety as it cannot be substantiated with evidence.

As part of the recommendations of the report of the 9-Man Fact-Finding Ad Hoc Committee; The Majority Leader, Hon. Sanai Agunbiade who presided over Plenary today alongside other members of the House unanimously passed a Vote of Confidence on the Speaker, Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Mudashiru Obasa, the Deputy Speaker, Hon. Wasiu Eshinlokun-Sanni and others, to disprove all allegations leveled against them by Sahara Reporters and other petitioners.


Hon. Victor Akande, Chairman of the Committee in his submission, pertinently noted that the Committee was constituted by the House to investigate the allegations in order to verify the claims of the petitioners and publishers; and also to advise the House on the appropriate course of action.

He submitted that the Committee in order to conduct an open investigation invited: The petitioners and publishers of the allegations to present evidence to prove their claims; The Speaker and other parties from the Assembly to explain the allegations; and the Banks mentioned in the allegations for clarification.

Hon. Akande added that based on documents provided as evidence and oral testimonies from invitees that were present, the Committee found that all accusations were deliberate misinformation to tarnish the image of the Speaker and the House.

“The House has recently been on social media on alleged financial improprieties portraying the House negatively. This is a cause of concern for every Member of this noble House of Assembly.” Hon. Makinde Rasheed said.

“I want to thank the Committee for judiciously investigating the allegations presented by Sahara Reporters and co-petitioners. I also salute Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Mudashiru Obasa for handling these allegations with maturity and I commend every Member of the House for our patients.” He added.

Hon. Olanrewaju Afinni while commending the Committee for a well detailed job, said, “In the course of my experience as a Microsoft Certified Professional, there is no way a person can be associated with 64 bank accounts. The concept of primary key identifier is given for inter-bank database exchange and no Bank Verification Number, BVN can be attached to two or more different accounts and when information is updated, it will affect every other data attached to it such as multiple names.”

“This shows that all these accusations are frivolous and targeted at the image of the Speaker, the House, the Government at large and also our great Party, APC. As at today, we have forty Members under one umbrella.” He added.

Hon. Akinsanya Nureni noted that with the report of the Committee, the accused have been exonerated of all false allegations.

Hon. Abiodun Tobun highlighted the fact that the petitioners were absent. This implies that the allegations are untrue and malicious. However, he noted that with the available evidence before the House, it is enough to exonerate and uphold the towering image and integrity of the House.

He also implored the media to avoid distracting the House from important matters affecting the development of the State.

The House adopted the recommendations of the Committee as its resolution.


Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon.(Dr) Mudashiru Obasa, told the panel of enquiry raised by the Assembly on Saturday that the corruption allegations against him by Sahara Reporters were the handiwork of his enemies.

Speaker Obasa said this when he appeared before the 9-man Fact Finding Panel of the House chaired by Hon. Victor Akande (Ojo Constituency 1).

The Speaker explained that all the allegations made by Sahara Reporters in its series of reports were unfounded.

Obasa stressed that the vehicles bought for the members of the House and other expenses made by the House were done with the approval of the House and that of the Fund Management Committee (FMU) of the House headed by him.

“We bought Land Cruisers for Principal Officers of the House. The cars we buy for Principal Officers are always higher than those of other members and we followed the due process in the purchase.

“We went through the Public Procurement Agency (PPA) and others and the vehicles were distributed appropriately.

“It was agreed at the parliamentary meetings on about four occasions and the Clerk of the House is the Secretary.

“Also, it is not true that my wife collects N10 Million monthly from the House. Anyone who says she does should come with proofs and evidences.

“My approval limit as the Speaker of the House is N100 million. Anything above that would have to be approved by the Fund Management Committee. On Prado Jeep that we bought for the members, we followed the due process like we did in that of the Principal Officers,” he explained.

Obasa also debunked an allegation that N258 million was spent for the printing of invitation cards for the inauguration of the 9th Assembly adding that the whole event cost N61 million while N1.1 million was spent to print the invitation cards.

“It is not possible to spend N258 Million to print invitation cards. We are not involved in such frivolous expenditure,” he added.

Concerning the alleged N80 million expended as estacode for the training of women in Dubai, the Speaker said that wives of 20 lawmakers attended the event and that he was there to declare the event open.

“We gave N4 million to each of the participants for air ticket, hotels, feedings and local travel. Air ticket to Dubai alone is about N2 million. Some of these allegations were raised for a crusade to get the Speaker out of office.

“The House of Assembly is above common standard of excellence and we have to train people, and this comes with a cost. Learning is not cheap and I have never collected N80 Million for estacode at a go before,” he said.

The Speaker defended the purchase of eight Hiace buses for committee works in the Assembly as he explained that it was discovered that the House was spending a lot of money to repair vehicles, which he said was why the House decided to buy the buses and that the buses were there for everybody to see with documents to defend the purchases.

He denied the allegation that he spent N53 million for a trip to the United States of America with his mistress.

“We were invited by the Consular General for a programme in the United States. Later, the programme was postponed, but I had gone ahead. I had to return home and I told others not to bother to come until the postponed dates,” he said.

The Speaker told the committee that it was not possible for him to spend N17 million for cleaning of his guest house as against the allegation made by Sahara Reporters .

“They only remove documents and fly them around to please themselves. All our payments go through certain procedures.

“The expenditure had been there before I became the Speaker. There was no way I could have spent N17 million on cleaning my guest house.

“On the issue of awarding contracts to companies belonging to me, this is totally false, I never awarded contracts to myself,” he said.

Concerning the report that he tricked former governor Akinwunmi Ambode of the state to spend N350 million for hosting a meeting of Conference of Speakers, Obasa told the committee that this also never happened.

He maintained that such was not possible since Ambode is an accountant, who rose to be the Chief Accountant of the State.

“There was no way I could have tricked Ambode to release such money. We had a meeting of the Conference of Speakers, who came with three members each and we had subcommittees who were catered for.

“We paid for the tickets of each Speaker, we paid for their hotel accommodation, feeding and souvenirs.

“We also provided local transportation for them. All these allegations are deliberate actions of my enemies to achieve their aims that they could not achieve in the House to remove me as the Speaker of the House, which was why they came up with such reports.

“On N60 Million spent for social influencers, I did not sign such money. I don’t even know the companies they are talking about. This is rather preposterous.

The BVN they are flying about is incorrect.

“Whatever I have done as a Speaker, all the approvals I gave as Speaker were given based on collective approval of the members of the House,” he said.

The Deputy Speaker of the House, Rt. Hon. Wasiu Eshinlokun-Sanni, who also appeared before the panel denied attending meeting in Dubai as against the report of SaharaReporters.

Also speaking, Chairman of the House Committee on Information and Strategy, Hon. Tunde Braimoh, said that while a media parley was held by the House, he didn’t know how much was spent on the event in totality since different people handled different aspects of the event.

“We provided hospitality for the people that came. The event involved other things, there were catering and others that were given to other people to handle.

“It is most uncharitable to say we spent N47.5 Million for social media influencers. We spend money on publicity and public relations.

“We have programmes that we pay for on TVC and LTV 8. We have a magazine that we produce and we print 40,000 copies quarterly and distribute to schools and other places and we pay for the content, design and production,” he said.

The Clerk of the House, Mr. Azeez Sanni also defended the estacode for the trip to the United States of America, saying that it followed the standard procedure, and that the programme was budgeted for under conferences and seminars.

“We did not buy 11 buses, we bought eight Hiace buses for committee assignments.

“The cost exceeded N100 million and it was approved by the Management Committee of the House. It was also approved by the Public Procurement Agency and the Ministerial Tenders Board and we got a Certificate of Compliance for the purchase.

“The buses are in place at the car park. We have budgetary provision for the vehicles.

“The women trip to Dubai was also approved for in the budget. The Speaker was there, the wife of the Deputy Speaker was there and wives of 17 other lawmakers. Each participant got money for air fare, local transportation and others,” he said.

Sanni also cleared the air on N258 million for printing of invitation card, saying that the money for the whole event was N61 Million and that only N1.1 million was spent for the printing of the programme for the event.

He confirmed that 80 cars were bought in 11 months for the 8th and 9th assemblies.

“We bought 40 Corolla Cars back-up vehicles for the 8th Assembly.

“The purchase was approved by the Management Committee led by the Speaker with Hon. Olumuyiwa Jimoh, Saka Fafunmi, Hon. David Setonji and others as members.

“In the 9th Assembly, we bought Toyota Prado for members and this was approved by the Funds Management Committee headed by the Speaker.

“The issue of the vehicle was discussed at the various parliamentary meetings and it was unanimously agreed by the members.

“We bought 36 Prado Jeeps for members and it went through the PPA and we have Compliance Certificate for the purchase.

“We also bought six Land Cruisers for the Principal Officers approved by the FMC and PPA with Certificate of Compliance.

“On women empowerment programmes. We raised a submission for the programme and it was recognised by the Assembly budget. It was not paid into the account of the wife of the Speaker. The facility manager has no relationship with the Speaker of the House,” he said.

The Clerk of the House, however said that some documents might have been released to SaharaReporters “through some disgruntled staffers of the House.

“We have been taking steps on that and we have transferred some staff.

“The files go through many tables and there is no doubt that some devilish staffers take pictures of some of these documents and send to these people.

“The staff have taken oaths and this attracts dismissal. Unofficial disclosure of information attracts dismissal in the civil service,” he stated.

Two officials of Zenith Bank; Mr. John Olorundare, Chief Compliance Officer, Mr. John Olorundare, Zonal Head of Alausa, Mr. Sanni Idowu Awe also appeared before the panel.

The bank officials stated that an individual could only have one BVN.

They confirmed that different account names could not be9 used for one BVN and that Speaker Obasa had only six accounts with Zenith Bank.

According to them, only two of the accounts are operational; one savings and current, while the rest are dormant.

Present at the meeting were other members of the committee including Hon. Yinka Ogundimu (Agege 2), Hon. Gbolahan Yishawu (Eti Osa 2), Hon. Lukmon Olumoh (Ajeromi Ifelodun 1) and Hon. Ajani Owolabi (Lagos Mainland 1).

Others are Hon. Mojisola Alli-Macaulay (Amuwo Odofin 1), Hon. Rotimi Olowo (Shomolu 1) and Hon. Akeem Shokunle (Oshodi/Isolo 1).

RT. Hon Speaker


Officials of Ecobank, Wema Bank and Polaris Bank have absolved the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. (Dr)Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa of allegation of operating multiple bank accounts in the banks.

Some representatives of the banks spoke before the 9-man House Adhoc Committee on fact-finding and investigation on the corruption allegations against the Speaker being circulated on the social media on Friday.

The bank officials stated that it was not possible for an individual to operate multiple accounts with one Bank Verification Number (BVN).

The Committee headed by Hon. Victor Akande (Ojo Constituency 1) has Hon. Rotimi Olowo, Hon. Yinka Ogundimu, Hon. Lukmon Olumoh and Hon. Mojisola Alli-Macaulay and others as members.

A Business Development Officer with Wema Bank, Mr. Adekunle Adeleke, said that the BVN server is not reserved with any bank, but the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

“Sahara Reporters stated the account number and other details in their reports, but they didn’t state the BVN. What Sahara Reporters wrote is not BVN. There are a lot of errors in their report.

“The BVN and the accounts stated in the story are not correct and they don’t belong to the Speaker of the Assembly.

“It is not possible for a BVN to have two dates of births. If they do so, it would be rejected in another bank, they would have to swear to an affidavit so that it would be the same.

“If it should be changed, it would be backed up by marriage certificate or sworn affidavit,” he stated.

Adeleke stressed that the companies stated by Sahara Reporters in their reports had no linkage with Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa.

He added that the name, signature and other details in the story has no relationship with Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa.

“You can write Wema Bank to confirm if the accounts mentioned by Sahara Reporters had any relationship with the Speaker.

“The computer system in the bank has a digital footprint that would show any visit to any account. It will show imprint of anyone that checks the account. You can request the details of all the checks, but we will need written request from the owner of the account.

“BVN is a different server, it does not belong to any bank. You cannot punch BVN and get any financial details. It is only the regulator or the anti-corrupion agency that can do so through the CBN,” he said.

Polaris Bank was represented by Mr. Charles Osho and Mr. Rotimi Omotayo, Chief Internal Auditor of the bank.

Mr. Omotayo said that only three of the 64 accounts credited to the Speaker by SaharaReporters were with Polaris Bank.

He revealed that two of the accounts belong to one Mr. Adebayo Adeyemi David, while one belongs to Mr. Ajayi Mudashiru Obasa.

“Mr. Adebayo Adeyemi David is different from Mr. Ajayi Mudashiru Obasa and there is no linkage between the two personalities.

“Rt. Hon. Ajayi Mudashiru Obasa has one account with our bank and the BVN quoted for Obasa is correct. The other person has a separate BVN for the two accounts.

“It is not possible to check someone’s account without authorisation. There is what we call system log. Whoever accesses an account is logged on the system and we can see whoever does that.

“We know those who access any account at any point in time. We can avail you of the information if you require it,” he said.

The General Manager of the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency (PPA), Mr. Onafowote Fatai Idowu, who was also invited by the Committee, revealed that the 40 Toyota Corolla back-up cars bought for the 8th Assembly were with the notice of his office and that the purchase followed the due process.

He said that Certificate of Compliance was issued for the procurement of the vehicles on 30th April, 2019.

“We were communicated and we responded for the process to continue and we approved the purchase of the vehicles.

“The purchase of the vehicles was approved by the Management Committee of the House, led by the Speaker Mudashiru Obasa and the relevant documents were provided.

“Members of the Committee were Hon. Wahab Olumuyiwa Jimoh, Hon. Rotimi Olowo, Hon. Dayo Saka-Fafunmi, and Hon. Setonji David. The purchase was budgeted for and It is in tandem with the appropriate Procurement Law,” he said.

The committee subsequently adjourned sitting to Saturday 6th June, 2020 at 10am.


It is with a great sense of loss but submission to the will of Allah that I received the news of the demise of Senator Munir Adekunle Muse, a former distinguished  Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria, representing the good people of Lagos East Senatorial district.

Baba Muse celebrated his 80th birthday just few days ago without giving us any sign of leaving us this soon. We will surely  miss his gentleman approach to politics.

On behalf myself, members, management and staff of Lagos State House of Assembly, I express my heartfelt condolences to his immediate family, friends, political associates and Lagos APC in general.

May the Almighty Allah grant him Aljannah firdaous and the family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

Rt. Hon Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa


Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Mudashiru Obasa, Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly has committed Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s Y2020 Budget re-ordering request to the Joint Committee of Economic Planning, Budget and Finance to review and report back to the House in one week.

The proposal which was sent to the House in a letter addressed to the Clerk of the House; Mr. Azeez Sanni by the governor is to necessitate the revision of Y2020 Budget affected by the Covid-19 pandemic barely three months into the year.

Mr. Governor while acknowledging the House on the approved budget of ₦20bn for Covid-19 pandemic, said the headwind generated by the Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated the need for a reconsideration of Y2020 Budget.
He was of the opinion that some of the underlined assumptions on which the budget was based has changed drastically, indicating that the key drivers of revenues had worsened during the course of the year.

He added in the proposal that the revenue had dropped by 24% and contemporarily 21% will drop in expenditure, while the proposed revision is expected to reduce the total budget size from ₦1.685, 200trn to ₦920.469bn with the difference of ₦1.242, 48.093bn, and reduced apex by ₦202.172bn as well as reduce total overheads recurrent by ₦49795bn.

Mr. Governor therefore, solicited the House to consider the proposal for the revision of Y2020 budget and pledged that the Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, Mr. Sam Egube will be available to make further clarification if necessary in the course of deliberations during the re-ordering.


Members of the Lagos State House of Assembly has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for signing into law the Executive Order to grant financial autonomy to Legislature and Judiciary across the 36 States of the Federation.

The House also applauded Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Mudashiru Obasa, Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly and Chairman, Conference of Speakers of State Legislatures in Nigeria for his efforts in leading the implementation Committee of Speakers for the noble achievement in the path of Legislature in the Country.

The motion was moved by Hon. Noheem Adams, Deputy Majority Leader of the House on the Floor, he noted that the effort of the Federal Government is to strengthen democracy through the implementation of financial autonomy for State Legislature and the Judiciary.

While allaying the fears of the State Governors that the autonomy is to fortify the principle of separation of powers and ensure true independence of the three arms of government in the Federation. He further spoke on the notable achievements of the Speaker, “You have made history and your name is invoked in today’s democracy in all the States of the Federation for your laudable achievements and in the move towards the implementation of financial autonomy for the Legislature and Judiciary.” He said.

Other Members also voiced support for the Speaker and other parties involved in the passage of the Executive Order.

Hon. Tunde Braimoh stressed that the financial autonomy has ensured that the Legislative arm of government is equipped with the wherewithal to achieve their oversight functions.

In his view, Hon. Victor Akande acknowledged the effort of the Speaker and all others who stood their grounds to ensure that the financial autonomy came to limelight.

Hon. Rasheed Makinde emphasized that the autonomy shows democracy is coming of age and it recognizes the Legislature and Judiciary as well.

“The fact that we have been given the autonomy does not mean we want to engage in power tussle with the Executive, but share financial independence in line with tenets of democracy.” He said.

Hon. Rotimi Olowo noted that over the years, the public perception towards government has mostly encompassed the Executive without giving cognizance to the Judiciary and Legislature despite being the representatives of the people. However, the autonomy has put the other arms of government on the map.

“Thank you Mr. Speaker for your doggedness and resolve at ensuring that this happens, we cannot do that without also thanking Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for endorsing you. Asiwaju has spotted out someone who has the resolve to push matters and the Governors should not see this as a form of opposition or diminishing of power but a move to ensure that the three arms of government work together independently and interdependently without any sentiment or rancor.” He reiterated.

Rt. Hon. Obasa stressed that the Executive should not see this as a sign of confrontation or means to whittle down their power, but will still maintain their title as Heads of Government.

The House therefore resolves to write commendation letters to His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari, the Senate, House of Representatives, Nigerian Governor’s Forum, Attorney General of the Federation, Senior Special Advisor to the President on Legislative Matters and the Conference of Speakers.