Members of the House examine matters of public interest, so you may find you want to get in touch with an individual member. There are many reasons for contacting a member, such as asking them about a bill they are working on.

Send An Email

Members mostly attend the House when a debate or piece of legislation requires their special knowledge, so the best way to contact them is in writing. Make sure your correspondence is addressed to a specific member and posted to the Lagos State House of Assembly, Alausa, Ikeja. The letter will be passed to the member in the House or forwarded on.

Bulk mailshots for the House of Assembly are not accepted by hand. All mailshots should be individually named, stamped and addressed to: Lagos State House of Assembly, Alausa, Ikeja.

By phone

You can get in touch with members of the Lagos State House of Assembly who have individual phone numbers through the members profile page.

By email

You can email an individual member at or use their individual email address listed in the members profile page. Please note that members of the Lagos State House of Assembly represent geographic areas (constituencies), you can search members by Constituencies.

See the Lagos State House of Assembly in action

The public is welcome to watch members at work from the chamber gallery when the House is sitting. Entry is free. You can also watch via the House of Assembly Live Streaming Service.

The House on Twitter and Facebook

The Lagos House of Assembly has its own Twitter page – @lshaofficial
The House tweets throughout the day, keeping the public up to date with question time, news from the Assembly and the latest committee work. Image and video content - promoting the core work of the House, including committee work and outreach events - is also available on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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