The Lagos State House Committee on Education during their inspection visit on Wednesday to some secondary schools in Education District 4 Yaba discovered the need to further strengthen the safety measures in order to avert Covid-19 and adhere to the protocols directed by the federal government.

Hon. Ogundinmu, Chairman of the Committee has therefore called on the Ministry of Education to ensure that extra safety measures are installed and all other changes necessitated are effected.

At the first stop during the visitation at Lagos City Senior College; after observing the facilities put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 among the students; the Committee commended the Principal, Mrs. Okuneye Jolade Titilayo on their effort to fight the spread among the pupils in the school.

The next port of call was Birrel Avenue Senior High School. After an assessment of the COVID-19 protocol measures, Hon Ogundimu informed the Principal, (Dr.) Mrs. Adenekan, of his dissatisfaction on the state of the school.

“The classrooms are not conducive for students to learn and we need to call on the Ministry of Education to look into the challenges faced by the school.” He said.

In Herbert Macaulay Girls Senior School, it was gathered that the school has no Mathematics nor Biology teacher which the Chairman noted that the Ministry of Education has to be notified in order to deploy the two major teachers needed in the school.

He also instructed that some students can be taken to Lagos State Model city college to reduce the school’s population.

While in Odibo Senior High School with students’ population of 1,047, Hon. Ogundimu disclosed that the school is also not conducive for learning because some of the buildings are defective and they lack teachers on the subjects such as Mathematics, Fine Arts, Chemistry and Yoruba.

He said the need to call on Lagos State Building Laboratories is key with the view to act fast and look into the school’s fallen fence, as well as inform the Ministry of Education to attend to the school challenges immediately.

Hon. Ogundinmu reiterated at the closure of the inspection visit, the need to call on the Ministry of Education and the State Government to act fastidiously for the good of educational activities in the District.

He added that most of the schools visited had similar challenges and the Committee will work hand in hand with the Ministry of Education to find a lasting solution to the challenges faced by the schools.

Among the schools visited were; Lagos City Senior College, Birrel Avenue Senior High School, Herbert Macaulay Girls Senior High School, Eletu Odibo Senior High School, Fazl-l-Omar Senior School and St. Francis Junior Grammar School.

Other Honorable Members who were on the visitation tour were; Hon. Desmond Elliot, Hon. David Setonji and Hon. Olawale Abdul-Sobur.

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