This is one of the core Directorates in the House of Assembly. The Six Units in the Directorate are:

  • Administration and Research Unit:The Unit prepares the Directorate’s Annual Budget; covers Directorate’s meetings; collates and keeps Members’ data; coordinates Research on Parliamentary Matters and Procedure; keeps data of Officers on leave; and co-ordinate the dispatch of invitation letters to guests and dignitaries for special Parliamentary Sessions and in the House.
  • Parliamentary Education Unit:T he Unit handles publications of House-At-A-Glance; correspondences on Parliamentary relations with corporate bodies; co-ordinates excursion or visitors’ tour to the Assembly; liaises with corporate bodies on matters of importance to the House; prepares quarterly reports of the unit; and co-ordinates quarterly sessions of the Youth Parliament in Lagos State.
  • Bills Unit: The Unit keeps Bills Register; analyses Bills; co-ordinates Executive briefing by the Heads of Ministries, Departments and Agencies; Tracks Bills under consideration; attends to the enquiries on Bills by corporate organizations and States of the Federation; and compiles laws of the State.
  • Committee Secretariat Unit: The Unit co-ordinates and tracks the activities of the Standing and Ad-hoc Committees of the House; supervises the staging of Public Hearings; vets Committee Reports on Bills, Petitions and other matters before the final Production; convenes meetings of the Committee Secretaries; keeps Reports presented on the floor of the House; oversees the maintenance of the Committee Rooms; and recommends Legislative Officers to serve as Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries for the approval of the Management of the House.
  • Scrutiny Unit: The Unit vets Parliamentary documents: Order Papers, Votes and Proceedings; drafts Motions; compiles Activity Reports: weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually; and co-ordinates the binding of Resolutions of the House.
  • Chamber Unit: The Unit liaises with the Committee on Business, Rules and Standing Orders on the preparation of Legislative Business of the House; co-ordinates the production of Bound Volumes of Votes and Proceedings and Order Papers; co-ordinates the distribution of Order Papers and Votes and Proceedings; communicates Resolutions of the House; prepares weekly Chamber’s Report; draws up the duty rosters for Clerk-At-The-Table; and Keeps both hard and soft copies of Parliamentary materials i.e. Votes and Proceedings and Order Papers.


Under the legal directorates, we have:

  • Litigation and Commercial: The Unit handles all cases both civil and criminal involving the House.
  • Legal Advisory Unit: The Unit deals mainly with advising on legal issues particularly in relation to the Constitution as the grand norm. All legally related issues are subjected to constitutional interpretations before given necessary advice. It also acts as the administrative arm of the Legal Drafting Department.
  • Law Research Unit: The Unit carries out research work on any proposed bill or law meant for amendment or repeal. It also looks at other laws that are outdated in the statute books.


  • Plenary Unit: The unit co-ordinates the activities of reportorial staff, otherwise known as writing Reporters.
  •  Printing Unit: The Unit prints the Hansard and distributes same to Honourable Members, Departments and Units.
  • Committee Unit: The Unit produces official reports of Committee Proceedings and sells copies of Hansard and Bound Volume.
  • Bound Volume Unit: The Unit ensures that the daily proceedings of plenary sessions are documented in book form for reference purpose.


  • Planning, Research and Statistics Unit (PRS): The Unit plans the activities of the House. It is in charge of supervision of the contractors and projects in the House. It also supervises the maintenance of facilities and equipment in the Assembly Complex.
  • Establishment Unit:This Unit is in charge of staff posting, promotion and discipline. It covers management meetings; convenes Personnel Management Board Meetings (PMB), Nominal Roll, Staff Forum, cleaning of staff offices, toilets and Personnel Budget.
  • Human Resources Development Unit: The Unit is in charge of organizing training programmes and conferences for Honourable Members and staff.
  • Security/Special Services Unit: The Unit monitors the Security outfit employed by the House. It also provides security for personnel and assets of the House.
  • Library Unit: The Unit is responsible for selection, acquisition, processing, arrangement, preservation and dissemination of necessary books and other resourceful materials for the Honourable Members and the staff. It also keeps parliamentary papers such as Order papers, Votes and Proceedings; Hansard and Reports of Committees. The Library Unit liaises with other legislative libraries, embarks on research work and gives professional advice on relevant matters.
  • Clinic Unit: The Unit provides first aid to staff and Members.
  • Information Unit: The Unit projects the image of the House in the media, monitors media reports on the Assembly and acts as public relations officer of the House.
  •  Transportation Unit: The Unit is in charge of maintenance of all official vehicles in the pool and the ones used by Honourable Members. It also provides vehicles for official assignments.
  • Protocol: The Unit is responsible for organizing events, receiving important dignitaries, advancing and booking traveling tickets for the Honourable Members.
  • Procurement Unit: The Unit implements procurement policies and procedures for Lagos State House of Assembly in line with its overall objectives and strategies; ensures the aggregate and categorization of all procurement requests from all the Directorates; prepares and updates annual procurement plan for Lagos State House of Assembly using the Annual budget; prepares the advertisement and publications to solicits for bids in line with the existing legislation; ensures the effective and efficient development of bids by sourcing and providing necessary information for this purpose; maintains frequent communication with Lagos Sate Public Procurement Agency(LASPPA) on bid outcomes and recommendations; reviews and analyses award of contracts within limit of authority; ensures that suppliers, contractors and consultants are paid on time; participates in the inspection of suppliers/contractors sites ;maintains files and electronics records of procurement; assist with the LASPPA investigations as and when required; ensures transparency in the disposal of property.


The Directorate is in charge of finances of the House of Assembly and has the following Units:

  • Central Pay Office (CPO) Unit: The Unit is in charge of payment of running cost, claims, reimbursement etc.
  • Variation Unit: The Unit processes salaries of all employees.
  • Funds Unit: The Unit prepares payment vouchers for all payments.
  • Voucher Retirement Unit: The Unit ensures that all vouchers are retired by ways of receipts.