Speaker (Deputy Speaker, Acting Speaker)

The Speaker is an elected Member of the House of Assembly who presides over the Assembly. The Speaker is entrusted with maintaining the traditions of Assembly, but he or she does not participate in any debate. The Deputy Speaker or the Acting Speaker performs these duties in the Speaker’s absence.


The required quorum for the sitting to commence is at least one-third {1/3} of all Members of the House; and the House of Assembly is expected to sit for a period not less than one hundred and eighty-one (181) days in a year.

If quorum is not maintained, the Assembly cannot conduct business and ends for the day. In standing committees, quorum is the majority of members.


A document signed by a group of citizens appealing to the Legislative Assembly to take action on some issue. Petitions cannot directly ask for public money and must be submitted by a member.

Parliamentary Calendar

A calendar which presents a fixed timetable of sittings and adjournments of the Assembly for a given year, sometimes referred to as the sessional calendar.


The room where Members of the Legislative Assembly meet to conduct business.

Act (statute, law)

A Bill becomes an Act after passing three readings and receiving royal assent.